Rolando 2 & 3 Coming to iPhone Soon - Star Defense On The Way

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Ngmoco:) announced Rolando 2 for the iPhone this June and Rolando 3 will follow nine months later. Their other game in development, Star Defense, should be out "soon."


Rolando is basically Loco Roco, only when you tilt the iPhone, it actually has an effect on the rolly-polly character's movement. The music may not be as infectious, and the characters not as a cute, but it's been a pretty popular game on the iPhone and it gets several free levels with regular updates from ngmoco:). Crecente spoke with ngmoco founder Neil Young regarding the sequel plans for Rolando last week.

Star Defense is a tower defense-style game where you manage a small planet and defend it from invading tripods. Not much has been said about the title beyond the sporadic blog post on ngmoco:)'s site, but you can check out a video of it in action here.

Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid will follow the same format as the first game, starting with four worlds and 26 levels at launch and getting 20 new levels via four free updates for the game. The new level releases will lead up to Rolando 3 sometime later in 2009 or early 2010 if Rolando 2 doesn't make its June launch.

"In eleven months, we will have released 12 worlds, 149 levels, 40+ hours of gameplay for less than the cost of a single DS or PSP game," said ngmoco:) founder Neil Young.

Damn. Maybe it's time I shell out for an iPhone.



Awesome. I lvoe my iPod Touch 2G 32 GB. I do not regret selling my DS one bit.