Rockstar Will (Try To) Rip GTA V Spoilers Clean Off YouTube

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One of the perils of not finishing a big game the day it comes out is having plot details spoiled on the internet. Outside of comments section ambushes, YouTube is maybe the worst offender.


Which might be why Rockstar has, amongst some standard legalese regarding video uploads, slipped in some surprisingly drastic measures regarding spoilers and certain other parts of Grand Theft Auto V.

  • Spoilers: Posting video showing the ending of the game, pure cutscenes or any other big reveal in the story. It's ok to show cutscenes as part of a larger play-through (or in a narrated ‘Let’s Play’ type video) but isolated videos of the game's cinematics will be removed. If you are unsure if what you want to post is considered a spoiler, please contact and describe exactly what scene you are wondering about and in what context the scene would appear.

    In-game Entertainment: Things like the TV shows and comedy performances in Grand Theft Auto IV, or the silent movies in Red Dead Redemption. We prefer fans to experience these in the context of the game's world, so any posting of these in isolation will be flagged for removal.


On the one hand, commendable! On the other, it's also a little drastic. I mean, if you don't want GTAV spoiled, don't go clicking play on that "GTAV ENDING CINEMATICS [HD]" clip.

Policy on posting copyrighted Rockstar Games material [Rockstar]

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