Rockstar Presents: Music Lessons For Schoolkids

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Music students at New York City's East Side Community High School are throwing out their guitars, pianos and cowbells, with one program at the school instead teaching kids with PSPs and copies of Rockstar's Beaterator.


"It a fully featured studio that runs on a pocket-sized device," says an instructor at the school. "They're able to learn music theory in a different format. It's the same information; just a different way of presenting it".

According to a piece on CBS - which spends a great deal of time dealing with how many budget cuts the school is facing - East Side students are just thrilled, one saying "This is music. You're making your own music and it's really fun", with another, Isiah Martinez, adding "I learned that you can make beats on the PSP".


Education as advertising? It's worked before, and by golly Rockstar, it's working again.

Instruments In 1 NYC Music Program Replaced By PSP [CBS]

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Evil Shrubb3ry

Kids these days are certainly going to have different memories of how they first got into creating music than I did.

2nd grade, messing around with a xylophone, it was like the greatest thing since Killer Instinct! Seriously.. at that time, Killer Instinct was the greatest thing.

And I remember sometimes comparing learning my guitar to getting really good at a video game.. "this is like learning a really difficult combo!"

Guess that won't happen too often now.