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Rockstar Patches Red Dead Redemption Invisibility Glitch

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday we posted about an invisibility glitch that was vexing players of Red Dead Redemption, particularly during online play. Today Rockstar has a patch ready to make horses, riders, and weapons appear as intended.

Relief is in sight for the invisibility bug that made such a buzz yesterday among players of Rockstar's newly-released Red Dead Redemption. Yesterday the developer promised a fix as soon as possible. That fix is now live, according to a Rockstar representative, who issued the following statement to Kotaku:


"We have just deployed a fix that should address the issues some people have been experiencing in Red Dead Redemption online multiplayer. This fix should address a specific issue that was found where the player's multiplayer avatar, their horse or their weapons would occasionally not be visible in multiplayer games as well as an issue that some players were experiencing where they would lose connection to the various multiplayer modes."

To apply the patch, simply make sure you're signed into your consoles respected online services with a valid username before booting up the game. Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions will update automatically.


If for any reason that doesn't fix your problems, feel free to contact Rockstar using the information provided below.

"If anyone still needs assistance, players should feel free to contact and be sure to include their platform and online ID."