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Rockstar Explains Why GTA V Never Got Single-Player DLC

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Players have clamored for single-player GTA V DLC since its release, and four years later, none has arrived. Often, fans rationalized that the success of GTA Online was too immense for Rockstar to develop single-player DLC, and that doom and gloom around single-player games has only deepened this year. Rockstar, however, says it is not abandoning the type of single-player content that has defined the studio in the past.

In an interview with Game Informer, Rockstar’s director of design Imran Sarwar said that Grand Theft Auto’s move away from scripted single-player content was “not really a conscious decision, it’s just what happened,” but that the company would still “love to do more single-player add-ons for games in the future.”


“As a company we love single-player more than anything, and believe in it absolutely – for storytelling and a sense of immersion in a world, multiplayer games don’t rival single-player games,” Sarwar told Game Informer. “With GTA V, the single-player game was absolutely massive and very, very complete. It was three games in one. The next-gen versions took a year of everyone’s time to get right, then the online component had a lot of potential, but to come close to realizing that potential also sucked up a lot of resources.”

All told, Sarwar identifies three factors that influenced the lack of single-player GTA content: beefing up GTA Online, which initially shipped in a dire shape, porting GTA V to current-gen consoles, and developing Red Dead Redemption II.


“The combination of these three factors means for [GTA V], we did not feel single-player expansions were either possible or necessary” Sarwar told Game Informer. “But we may well do them for future projects. At Rockstar, we will always have bandwidth issues because we are perfectionists and to make huge complex games takes a lot of time and resources. Not everything is always possible, but we still love single-player open-world games more than anything. I don’t think you could make a game like GTA V if you did not like single-player games and trying to expand their possibilities!”

The whole interview is worth reading over at Game Informer, where Sarwar also addresses complaints about GTA Online being too grindy, the difficulty of balancing PvE content and PvP content, and more.