Bursting in Air | On Independence Day weekend, what's more American than soccer and fireworks? Fans of FC Dallas celebrate the nation as well as a 2-1 victory over Columbus. (Photo: Tom Pennington/Getty)

Dress Up Your Xbox Live Avatar Like a Confederate on July 4

While I don't read any statements or endorsements of historical viewpoints behind this, Microsoft had to figure someone would notice that it's now selling a Confederate Army uniform for your Xbox Live avatar's virtual dress-up and call it out as a borderline offensive gesture. One of our readers saw it, and did. More »


Mass Effect 3's Makers Aren't Ready for Tali's Closeup

We are 8 months from Mass Effect 3's release and still unaddressed is one critical detail everyone expects the trilogy will at last reveal: the unmasking of Tali. More »


Wait a Minute, Could Uploading Video of Video Games Really Send You to Prison?

It might in the future, according to one reading of Senate Bill 978, assuming it gets passed. This is a proposed law put before the Senate about a couple months ago, but the games community just sat up and noticed once it read the language and understood the totality of its prohibitions. More »


The Future of Sports Doesn't Seem Set in Motion

One year and two E3s in, I'm still not sure that motion control, no matter how much Microsoft and Sony want it pushed, has a strong future in simulation sports gaming. We saw how far the technology is from mainstream enjoyability in the NBA 2K12 demo. I know I've harped on this, but when your celebrity endorser runs directly out of bounds with the control set, his claim of it being "so real, it's scary," falls a little flat. More »


Cup-Art Bandit Strikes Again With Metroid

Last month's Mega Man mosaic of painted cups in a chain-link fence has a sequel, and an artist claiming responsibility for the acts of awesomeness. More »

I've had a long love affair with fireworks. When I was a kid the big summer trip was to the N.C. Press Association's summer convention, and in 1985 it was at Kiawah Island, S.C. I recall that I emptied my bank account and spent most of my $115.64 on bottle rockets, jumping jacks, roman candles and black cats. The rest was spent in the arcade on Spy Hunter and Karate Champ. –Owen Good


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