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Greetings, regular Kotaku readers. I trust you had a good weekend and are ready to engage in our nightly discussion, where video games aren't the only topic, but nerdier things still reign supreme. Good, then let's get to it.


This weekend, I not only played some Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, I also revisited the year 2007 by watching Mad Men for the first time. Well, it's the first time I've watched it seriously. My sister was on an episode, so I've watched bits and pieces, but never committed any time to watching the Netflix disc that has been sitting on my desk for months. I'm enjoying it, but perhaps not enough to draw my interest away from other things.

What's catching your interest these days? Is it that picture of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman? What was up with '70s hips? Also, did you catch these new news tidbits?


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