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For someone like me, Rock Band is a great avenue for experiencing new music. As one who doesn't listen to the radio, watch MTV, leave the house for shows or have a single acquaintance whom I'd consider a music enthusiast, it helps that the Harmonix team is actively pushing new sounds in my direction.

This week, Rock Band DLC brings with it largely unfamiliar bands—oh, I've heard *of* Maxïmo Park—each arriving at a low price of $0.99 USD or 80 Microsoft Points. The first three are bundled as the "MTV2 Pack" which goes for $2.99 USD or 240 Microsoft Points. That's a savings of -2 cents or 0 MS Points! Look for all four to hit Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow, PlayStation Network Thursday.

  • The Material "Moving to Seattle"
  • The Myriad "A Clean Shot"
  • Them Terribles "Bullets & Guns"
  • Maxïmo Park "Girls Who Play Guitars"

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