Rock Band Update Brings Parity With The Old World

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Rock Band makes its expensive, long-overdue debut in Europe next week, and brings with it a bunch of Euro-specific tracks. Tracks that aren't that Euro-specific, however, since next week they'll be making up the American content update as well. There's a nice mix of British, German and French songs on offer, which to be honest is probably headlined by Die Toten Hosen's "Hier Kommt Alex", since the British offerings don't quite rock as hard as one would have hoped.


* Die Toten Hosen "Hier Kommt Alex"
* Blur "Beetlebum" (Cover)
* Muse "Hysteria"
* Oasis "Rock 'n' Roll Star"
* Tokio Hotel "Monsoon"
* Juli "Perfekte Welle"
* Les Wampas "Manu Chao"
* Playmo "New Wave"
* H-Block X "Countdown to Insanity"

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@Len Bias Cocaine Surplus: I still want (and in no way expect) UVERworld's Bugright as a full album download. That doesn't even use the latin character set!