Rock Band: Ten Million Served

While it's been overshadowed at retail by Activision marketing juggernaut and Guitar Hero's brand recognition, that doesn't mean Harmonix's Rock Band has been a slouch at the sales register.

It was revealed yesterday during parent company Viacom's financial earnings conference call that the series as a whole - adding up all variations of the game - has shipped 10 million copies worldwide since the first game launched in 2007.


Sure, shipped doesn't = sold, but the sold to consumers figure (ie the number that counts) surely wouldn't be much lower than that. And besides, something tells us VIacom aren't as concerned with units shipped/sold as they are the amount of money they're making off DLC, adding that in 2008 Rock Band was "the #1 game title of 2008 by revenue across all genres". And that's worldwide.

Rock Band: 10m Units Shipped Worldwide [Edge]

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