Rock Band PSP First Details: It's Amplitude

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How will Harmonix squeeze the full band experience of Rock Band onto the instrument-free PSP? By making Rock Band Unplugged a spiritual sequel to Amplitude, Harmonix's critically beloved pre-Guitar Hero rhythm game.


First details on the recently announced Rock Band Unplugged from Primotech describe the peripheral-free game as a beat-matching rhythm title that uses the PSP's directional pad and buttons to play along with guitar, bass, drum and vocal tracks.

Like Amplitude and its predecessor Frequency, Rock Band Unplugged tracks will be broken down into "phrases" which the player must beat-match perfectly to score multipliers.

Guess Harmonix and company found a way around Sony's decision to deny us an Amplitude sequel, eh?

Primotech adds that, unlike Amplitude, there will be no online multiplayer mode. Shame about that. Perhaps Harmonix can work it into a future proper PlayStation 3 sequel?


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yes! The psp is finally getting good games! after years of dissapointment! yes!