Rock Band Is Finally Dying

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Long gone from the retail side of things, Harmonix's Rock Band has nevertheless lived on for the past few years thanks to the studio's maintenance of the Rock Band Network, the online community where people could buy, create and share music. Sadly, that service is now winding down.


In a post on its community forums, Harmonix say:

Sadly, since the official Harmonix DLC pipeline closed on 4/2/2013, RBN has been plagued with technical issues. Some of those problems were server side here at Harmonix, while others were entirely outside of our control. At this point, with Harmonix resources devoted to several other titles in development, we're no longer able to operate RBN with the kind of consistency that it deserves. As a result, we will no longer be taking any submissions or releasing new content through RBN.

It's a sad day for the Rock Band community, who thanks to the RBN have kept the game going long after people had consigned Guitar Hero to the dustbin of history.

One bright spot is that the RBN isn't being instantly shut down. It's just not going to be added to or maintained any longer. For now, anything already on there will still be able to be bought, so if you've got some plastic instruments still lying around and want to say goodbye, you should get on it.




:( I love rock band. I wish it would make a comeback on next gen. SO much better than todays "dance like an idiot" rhythm games.