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Rock Band Going Country? [Update]

Illustration for article titled Rock Band Going Country? [Update]

If Country Music Television can be believed Rock Band is about to add a little bit country to its rock and roll.


CMT blogger Alison Bonaguro writes that on December 16 Rock Band will be adding five country songs to its 400-plus repertoire of mostly rock. The songs will only be added via the online store, so none of them make it to the PS2.

The set will include songs by Bentley, Brad Paisley, Brooks & Dunn, Miranda Lambert and the Dixie Chicks. Apparently the news comes straight from Bentley, a fan of the game, who will be talking about it during Friday's episode of Top 20 Countdown with Lance Smith this Friday.


Dixie Chicks? Seriously? If you had to go country why couldn't you go Johnny Cash or maybe a little Texas rock, like the Old 97s.

Rock Band Purists Not So Sure About Country [CMT, Thanks Steve]

UPDATE: MTV Games confirms that it is indeed true, with the music set for Dec. 16.

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Fuck this pop country shit. Give us Cash and Hank III and I'll buy.