The future of Rock Band's release in Australia has long been up in the air. We've heard that it was coming late, that it wasn't coming at all, all kinds of things. Today, the wait/conjecture can finally be put to rest, with EA confirming that the game will indeed be seeing an official Australian release. And only a year after the American one! The game will be out on November 7, and - we're guessing because EA are now shipping Rock Band 2 elsewhere and have some leftover bundles lying around - it's going to be a lot cheaper than expected. While Europeans were kicked in the nuts, left with both outrageous pricing and quirky bundling options, Australia will be getting the all-in-one box for a "reasonable" AUD$250 (USD$208). Also available will be a drums-and-game bundle for AUD$180 and a guitar-and-game bundle for AUD$140 (which matches Guitar Hero's pricing). As for the standalone game, it'll be AUD$100 on 360 and PS3, AUD$90 on Wii and AUD$70 on PS2. It's claimed 200 songs will be ready for download when it does launch, so it looks like most - if not all - of the Rock Band Store will be making the jump down under as well. EA Finally Sets A Date For Rock Band In Australia [IGN]