Rock Band and Wii Fit Drive Mad Catz Sales

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Mad Cats ended 2008, and their third quarter, with $40.8 million in net sales, and $10.5 million in profit. While that profit is down from the same period last quarter, at least they're not bleeding cash.


The company said they have Rock Band and Wii Fit accessories to thank for the big jump in revenue for the company. Mad Catz is now shipping their Rock Band accessories throughout North America and Europe. They also expect big sales for their Street Fighter IV controllers and accessories in the coming quarter.

Mad Catz said that the bankruptcy of Circuit City, higher royalty expenses and more product development costs cut into their bottom line.

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The P-Bass for Rock Band is one of the best faux-guitars available. It gives me a lot of faith for the quality of the SFIV "normal" stick.

I remember playing the bass: "It's a quality product... by Mad Catz?! WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO, AAAAAGH"