Rock Band's singing section might be very forgiving, but the ear doesn't lie. Now Harmonix teams with audio signal processing company iZotope to add real-time pitch correction to Rock Band 3, saving ears everywhere from your harpy-like screeching.

As proven previously, I am no singer, so while I am more than comfortable making a fool of myself singing in Rock Band from the comfort of my own couch, it takes many drinks to get me on stage in public.

Perhaps this licensing agreement between iZotope and Harmonix will change all that.

Harmonix will be integrating iZotope's professional pitch detection and real-time pitch correction technology into Rock Band 3. This is the same sort of technology that professional artists use on stage so they don't sound like ass.


Not only will the tech allow you to sound better, it'll allow Rock Band 3 to detect your pitch more accurately, making the difficulty levels in the vocals portion of the game much more challenging.

"The ability to have pitch correction in real-time helps to enhance the vocal gameplay and players' in-game performance in Rock Band," said Eran Egozy, CTO and co-founder of Harmonix. "We're excited to feature iZotope's technology and this new middleware in Rock Band 3 so that our players can enjoy the type of vocal effects that professional rock stars utilize for live stage performances in their homes this holiday."

Together we can put an end to spontaneous ear hemorrhaging.