Wondering how many are of a like mind out there: Guitar Hero: World Tour originally had me at "hi-hat" (as in its basic drum setup, which looked more intuitive and impressive than the four pads). And then as the news was parceled out over the following weeks and months, Rock Band 2's deep content catalog made it the serious first choice. Especially since it dropped at midnight today and World Tour is more than a month away. Instruments are cross-compatible, but not sure it's worth waiting for just a drum kit, 45 days away, to finally take a swing at this thing. So, who took the plunge and bought/will buy RB2 today? Or later this week? Who's holding off? Meantime, Gametrailers put up a buttload of gameplay vids โ€” Lit's "My Own Worst Enemy" is above only because it looks like one most of us (or, just me) can get right. On the jump, Jethro Tull's "Aqualung." Snot running down his nose! And more vids at the link. Rock Band 2 Gameplay Extravaganza [Gametrailers]