Remember back during E3 a couple months back when I got a chance to go lungs-on with Rock Band 2, telling you about all of the nifty new features coming, including the ability to just let songs play in a randomized Jukebox Mode in the background while you do other things? Yeah, not happening.

Lastly, some folks have been asking about the status of the previously discussed Jukebox Mode. This mode was removed from Rock Band 2 in the final stages of development. We have no immediate plans to bring this feature back to the platform in the future.

I am majorly bummed. Jukebox mode was going to be the background noise and images to months and months of news post writing, and now I am lost like a ship without one of those ship-steering dealies. I guess it's back to hooking my MP3 player to the Xbox. Oh well. At least I've still got 20 free DLC songs coming my way eventually. 20 Free DLC Tracks Note/Jukebox Mode Clarification [Rock Band Forums]