Robots We Love: KOS-MOS

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If her looks don't kill, then her superhuman strength or her melee morphing arms will. She's KOS-MOS from Xenosaga, and we love her.


But do you love her? Rally the troops, tally the troops! KOS-MOS has made it to the final round. She's up against robot assassin HK-47. Stiff competition. He's a drone, she's got nano-machines and pretty hair. You obviously love her, but why? Convince the naysayers!

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Ever since that moment she filled Virgil full of holes in the first game to kill a Gnosis because not killing him would've been a higher chance of Shion being harmed, I loved the character. Her total disregard for most human life and complete lack of any compassion is amazing. Emotions are for pussies.

They kinda tarted her up and made her character a bit more sympathetic in the sequels, but she was awesome in the 1st game.