Robot Chicken + Spore = New Series About Giant Robots [Update]

EA Maxis and the creators of Robot Chicken are teasing a new joint venture in this clip, showing that the comedy boys are using Spore to design...something.

It was all looking very mysterious, with a mysterious website and a mysterious Spore-branded teaser (Find out what happens...May 19th), until Reuters went and blew the project's cover.


And that project is "Titan Maximum", a piss-take on 80's giant robot cartoons like Voltron that's due to begin airing in September. Robot Chicken producer/writer Tom Root explains:

There were always teams of extraordinary young people with the fate of the universe in their hands. In reality, that would end terribly. The last thing you want when giant monsters attack is a bunch of teenagers in charge of defending you. 'Titan Maximum' is about what would really happen if a team of idiot kids was in charge of a six-story-tall robot.


Watch the clip and you'll see that Spore is being used extensively, at least in the design process, for the show's various alien and robotic characters.

Whether it'll be used in the actual show - Spore replacing Robot Chicken's clay in the actual animation - I guess we'll find out on May 19.

"Robot Chicken" crew constructs new series [Reuters]

UPDATE - Oh no! Despite the video and the announcement hitting within a few days of each other, and both involving aliens and robots, Robot Chicken tell us they're not the same project.


Titan Maximum will be a stop-motion animation project, similar to Robot Chicken. The clip above just shows the production team helping promote the upcoming Spore: Galactic Adventures by kicking the expansion's tyres a little.

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Genetalia based alien design + this = evolution ?