Frankly, I'm surprised it took this long for someone to do a superbly nerdy take on the ever-catchy Blurred Lines. Don't we have like a billion nerdy takes on Call Me Maybe? Thankfully (?) NateWantsToBattle brings us this rendition of popular pop song Blurred Lines, and it's all about competitive Pokemon battling.

I can't decide if it's cringe-worthy or good....or both. But I can't deny that the lyrics are clever, especially for those of us familiar with competitive Pokemon! That, and I empathize with the difficult search for a perfect Gengar. Trying to breed one and failing after a ton of hours is the reason I've taken a break from the games since Pokemon Black & White. Until X & Y, that is.

And if you've somehow steered clear of the original song, here it is for reference:

"Good Wall" - A Pokémon Parody of Blurred Lines [NateWantsToBattle]