Robbie Bach Talks Up Zune In Face Of Apple's Gaming Agenda

Did you know that Microsoft's president of entertainment and devices division Robbie Bach spoke at a press conference yesterday? No? You were busy following the Apple coverage, like we were? Well Bach isn't going to let the focus on Apple get him down. The Xbox 360 continues to see success, and the Zune...well, they're still making it, dammit.

"Everyone thinks we are a software company," said Bach. "That's true. But, we have been in the hardware market for 26 years now. Games and phones, we have only been in these markets for a short time but we are seeing great success."


Microsoft makes phones? Perhaps the great success lies in keeping me completely unaware of this! Bach spent some time during the conference talking up upcoming Zune features, such as the ability to play games, which I am almost positive will justify my Zune purchase whenever the choose to get around to adding that. Hey, did you hear the new models are hitting next week, allowing you to download songs directly from the Zune? Picking up the new iPod Touch instead? Just checking. Game on, says computer giant [Alberni Valley Times]

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