Robbers Didn't Only Get Game Schwag, They Scored Marijuana

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A twelve-year-old boy was left at home while his parents were out shopping. Robbers showed up and not only stole his video games, but also medicinal marijuana.


Early Saturday morning, the boy was at home playing video games when two men in their 20s found an unlocked back door and entered the Sacramento home. The suspects apparently tied the boy up with an extension cord and locked him in a room, while they searched the house.

The two men made off with 12 jars of medicinal marijuana as well as the kid's video games and console, before speeding away in a red vehicle.


The suspects are described as either Hispanic or Asian men in their twenties with a strong hankering for potato chips.

Boy Tied Up In Live Oak Home Invasion [CBS Sacramento] [Pic]

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I keep seeing people talking about the kid getting high. Where the hell does it say that? It's medicinal marijuana, they don't prescribe it to kids, it's probably for one of his parents.

My parents were legitimate hippies, and I grew up around pot. I never touched the stuff until I was 22 because my parents were responsible enough to explain it to me, and keep it away from me. They let me make my own decision regarding it, and I decided to use it as a legitimate medicine when I was an adult.

Any time there's pot involved, people seem to lose their minds. It's either the hurr hurr stoners who think it's funny, or the ridiculous prohibition nuts who think that marijuana, whether medical or not, is some kind of evil fucking substance.

My spouse is epileptic, he uses it to curb his seizures. I'm bi-polar with chronic pain from a motor vehicle accident, I use it to regulate my day-to-day pain and crazy. I vastly prefer to use something green and natural over some chemicals concocted in a lab that make your body dependent on them.