Risen Banned In Australia, "Sexual Activity And Drug Use" Cited

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Third person role-playing-game Risen from German developer Piranha Bytes has been refused classification in Australia.

No reasons were initially given why the game has been banned Down Under. Kotaku Australia contacted Risen's Australian distributor Madman Interactive and were told that the country's Classification Board felt the game contained "sexual activity and drug use related to incentives or rewards."

Madman Interactive has yet to decide whether it will appeal this decision or release an edited version for a 15-years-old-and-up rating.


RPG Banned In Australia, Sex And Drugs To Blame? [Kotaku Australia]

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First Germany ousts Crytek, and now this!? When will these censor boards realise that no matter how much we shield our children they will...wait for it...learn. The answer to my own question? Never.