Rise Of Skywalker Is Slightly Improved As A 16-Bit Side-Scroller

This fantastic, 10-minute video by Mr Sunday Movies takes the end of Rise of Skywalker and turns it into something that looks like it came from Lucasarts’ Super Star Wars series on the SNES.


I dig it! The whole thing works much better if you imagine it’s the plotline to some 90s expanded universe baloney than, you know, the canon ending of a 40-year movie saga.

The Mode 7 starfighter stuff is also a very nice touch.

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This is neat, and makes me sad that I can’t really play 16-bit games on full-sized arcade cabinets anymore.

Also, Rise of Skywalker was just fine. Yeah, it was weird, non-sensical, and gratuitously fan-servicey at times, but really, that’s just what Star Wars kind of is. It’s truly a Herculean effort to find people who shit on Star Wars more than Star Wars fans.