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Artist Sou Miyata was probably best known for his work on Muv-Luv, the PC game turned manga and anime. That is until this week. After this week, he'll be known as the artist who got axed after being accused of tracing the work of others.

To promote the upcoming Muv-Luv summer anime, which is dubbed Total Eclipse, Miyata's promotional art appeared along with a magazine interview with the anime's director. Online, people noticed that the art looked very similar to the work of others. It looked traced. It looked ripped off.

In Japan, numerous popular anime and game blogs pointed out the latest similarities. This isn't a first for Miyata as he's previously been accused of tracing. Morever, this isn't a first for the developer of the Muv-Luv games. Last fall, the company had to apologize in a live internet stream for tracing.

This time, it wasn't just an apology. Ixtl, the company working with the developer on the upcoming Muv-Luv anime, issued a statement, announcing that Sou Miyata will no longer have anything to do with the company.


『トータル・イクリプス』版権絵トレース問題で、今日株式会社ixtlが「宮田蒼」さんを解雇 [やらおん!]