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It's Limbo of the Lost all over again. No sooner have allegations of mass copyright infringement been levelled against Chinese browser MMO Aurora Blade than the game's publishers have responded, wiping their hands of it.


IGG - who publish Aurora Blade in the West - have today issued a statement denying all knowledge of the infringements, and are promising "an investigation" into the matter.

IGG: Statement on Aurora Blade

Regarding the discussion on the similarity between Aurora Blade ( and some other games, like RO and WOW, IGG ( hereby makes a statement as below:

IGG is a North American MMORPG publisher. Aurora Blade is a browser-based game we take an agency for. As a game publisher, IGG only possesses the operating rights and will not take any copyright responsibility about the game design. However, anti-plagiarisim is one of IGG's principles. IGG has contacted the Aurora Blade developer to start an investigation on this issue as soon as we heard from you and we will stay tuned for the progress.

We do appreciate the concern from you and warmhearted gamers.

IGG Team

Know what's funny? Nowhere in the statement, nor on the game's site, is the actual developer of the title named. Bet they're happy about that about now.

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