A screenshot from the Windows 10 version of Solitaire, taken by my friend @Andrew_Cycle. He captions it: “Our dystopian society is even more nightmarish than any sci-fi author predicted.”

PC Gamer notes that this version of Solitaire—which comes bundled with the OS once more—plays ads that “run over the full Solitaire window, some for 15 second and some for 30 seconds.” There is no way around them, other than to spend money. Granted, Windows 10 is free...but still. Kind of amazing that this is the state of Windows/video games in 2015, no?


[Photo: PC Gamer]

EDIT: since people are missing my comment below, I’ll quote it in the article proper: “Yes, the 8.1 version of Solitaire did the same thing...but that version didn’t come bundled with the OS.”

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