Riot Based League Of Legends Skin On Actual Football Player, Loses Lawsuit

Image: Christof Koepsel | Getty
Image: Christof Koepsel | Getty

A court in The Netherlands ruled late last week that Riot must compensate retired Dutch footballer Edgar Davids after determining that a League of Legends champion skin infringed on his personal rights.

The skin in question is Striker Lucian, whose combination of dreads, eyewear and the fact he’s based on a footballer sure look a lot like Edgar Davids, a guy who was famous for his dreads, eyewear and the fact he was a very good footballer.

Dutch site Het Parool report that while Riot argued that fans would recognise the skin—made ahead of the 2014 World Cup—as Lucian first and not Davids, the court did not agree.


Riot must now show Dutch authorities how much money the skin has made in the country, with Davids’ compensation to be made as a percentage of it.

The lawsuit has upset some League fans, who point out that Davids has long been aware of the skin, and in 2014 even tweeted out this thanks for the homage:

So there were a lot of tweets like this going around over the weekend:

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So a having a black character use dreadlocks and a soccer shirt is copyright infringement?

Shit, that court was racist, there’s literally no parallels between the skin and Edgar Davids.

The skin isn’t alluding to him, the skin just happens to also be about a black man with dreadlocks who plays soccer Riot needs better lawyers.