Today in Tokyo, Microsoft is holding its spring 2009 press conference. Xbox Japan boss Takashi Sensui announces that 31 titles for Japan will be covered.

Before we get to them, Sensui confirms that a million Xbox 360s have been sold in Japan. To mark the occasion, a million Microsoft Points will be given out nationwide.

Let's get to the games:

Magna Carta 2 — out August 6.
Tekken 6 will be out fall 2009.
Lost Planet 2 doesn't have a release date.
Dead Rising 2 doesn't have a release date.


End of Eternity's latest trailer is shown.
A recent Bayonetta trailer is shown as well as game play.
Mass Effect
Halo: ODST
Mushihimesama Futari
BlazBlu is dated for June 25.
Samurai Shodown Flash will be out this year.
Another fighter — The King of Fighters XII — which seems like Microsoft just glossed over.
BioShock is coming to the Xbox 360's budget line.


Now onto XBLA titles:
Lode Runner is hitting XBLA tomorrow.
Banjo Tooie on April 29.
Virtual On is hitting XBLA on April 29.
Mega Man 9 is out this June.
Nectaris Military Madness TBA.
Puzzle game OD Beat Drop in spring or summer.
Space Invaders Extreme this spring.
Bubble Bobble Neo this year.
Garou: Mark of the Wolves in spring or summer.
The King of Fighters 2002 will be out in 2010.
The King of Fighters Sky Stage is TBA.
Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders is TBA.
Yosumin LIVE is slated for this spring.
Project CUBE is slated for this spring.
Zero Day Attack on Earth is slated for spring.


And the last title is Gears of War 2, localized for Japan. So to wrap it up, thirty-odd games were shown, but how many of them were new?
「Xbox 360 Title Preview : Spring 2009」テキストライブ [Inside]