To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft
RE: Hello? Helloooooo?

Ah, E3! Can't wait.

Every day when I go pick up my kid at school, I go to a bus stop near my house. There's only one other kid who gets off at that stop — a younger kid who lives in the same apartment. His mother is always waiting there, and we usually shoot the shit. She's quite nice and likes to chit-chat. Since Mini-Bash didn't go to school on Wednesday, she was wondering if he was sick. So, yeah, over Golden Week here in Japan, my kid kept barfing. It was pretty bad! We had to go to the hospital and everything, I told her. One day, he upchucked maybe 12 times? On Tuesday evening, he started to feel better, I continued. And at about 7 or 8pm, we decided to go to the supermarket so I could buy some soba noodles to make for him for dinner. After a technicolor afternoon of him not being able to keep anything down, he seemed much better and was very much ready to eat something.

So, we went to the elevator, pressed the button, the elevator pinged! and the doors open, revealing an elevator covered in puke. Someone else had thrown up all over the elevator! It was the worst thing I have ever seen, I told this to the mother. There was an inch of vomit on the floor and it was on the walls and everywhere. It was like an alien was slaughtered there, I said. Truly, truly, truly disgusting. Like why didn't the person who puked everywhere clean it up, you know? Since my kid was still feeling ill, we couldn't take the stairs, and just decided to make do with whatever we had in the house (instant ramen). Worse of all, the elevator is still stinky, days later. Her reply? "So sorry, it was my son who threw up in the elevator." My reply? "Oh."

Can't wait for tomorrow at the bus stop!

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