Riding A Motorcycle In Breath of the Wild Is As Rad As It Sounds

Breath of the Wild’s Champions’ Ballad DLC has an amazing reward for anyone who bests its numerous trials. Prove yourself a champion and you’ll get to ride the Master Cycle Zero. Here’s how it looks in action.

I’ve spent all day tackling The Champions’ Ballad and unlocking its secrets. After a ton of shrines and other hazards, I was able to ride around on the Master Cycle, Link’s fantasy-tech bike. You use it just like any other rune and can summon it nearly everywhere. The bike needs fuel, which means you’ll need to stop every now and then to toss it fish, moblin guts, apples, or anything else for fuel.

In the video above, I cruise around messing with guardians and pulling off some sick tricks. I save a big jump for the end. The Champions’ Ballad is a nifty piece of DLC with some of the best shrines in the entire game. This reward is just the kickass cherry on a wonderful sundae.

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I love the idea of horses in many open world games but there are times when you want to do something on foot and the pros of faster travel time suddenly become outweighed by the con of managing your horse because you have to go back and get it or drop it off somewhere. Especially in a game like Zelda BOTW where vertical travel is a big thing. So yea ts not very immersive to summon your mount out of thin air to ride it whenever you want to but after 80+ hours of playing a game its a welcome relief to cut down on travel time without any downsides.