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Richard Sherman Will Be On The Cover Of Madden NFL 15

Illustration for article titled Richard Sherman Will Be On The Cover Of emMadden NFL 15/em

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman will be the latest player to grace the cover of the Madden series—he'll be on the cover of Madden NFL 15 when it comes out in August.


Per ESPN, Sherman will be only the third defensive player to make the series' cover, along with Baltimore's Ray Lewis and Pittsburgh's Troy Polamalu. Sherman tweeted the image above, which gives a sense of the cover, though I'm sure EA will release an official version shortly.


I wonder if Michael Crabtree was also up for the cover, but just couldn't quite make it happen.

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Live from Seattle, ESPN brings coverage of an entire city yelling "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! MADDEN CURSE!"

(well, OK, live from Tacoma, since the meatheads tend to live in Pierce County.)