Rich Jerk Throws a Wad of Money To Kick a Gamer Off a PC

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Filmed at the China Joy expo in Shanghai, this clip shows a rich dude repeatedly nudge a guy playing at a demo for a PC game. You can hear him say, "Let me play!" in Chinese.


Then, the rich guy takes out a wad of yuan and throws it in the gamer's face. It looks like he chucked the equivalent of about US$250 at the gamer, who then gets out of his seat to pick up the cash. Then, moneybags sits down at the PC and begins gaming.

While striking, the video looks somewhat fake. (Why is the rich guy already holding his wallet?) Earlier today, Kotaku's Eric Jou visited this booth and asked the staff there if there was any such incident. Nobody seemed to know what he was talking about.


While it's possible that, yes, this video does depict a real event, it could also be some friends throwing money around for fun. Rich friends.

ゲーム体験コーナーで札束ビンタで前の人をどかす金持ちが出現 [中国的爆発日記]

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maybe i should go sit in computer arcades and hope for a guy to throw money at me... :P