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Without anything else to hand off for the rest of the season, benched Washington Redskins franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III rolled up to Redskins park earlier this week with a sedan full of Xbox One consoles for the offensive line that let him get sacked 38 times this year.


It's the season of giving, even if the football season's been pretty horrible for the Redskins and Griffin in particular. Along with the fifth-most number of sacks in the league, RG3 racked up 12 interceptions and 11 fumbles before head coach Mike Shanahan decided to bench him earlier this month in order to avoid aggravating his injuries.

Despite the poor performance, Griffin still takes care of his people.

Over at they've got a video of Griffin delivering his gifts to his thankful offensive line. They're so adorable when you give them presents.

Robert Griffin III Surprises Offensive Linemen With The Gift Of Xbox One []

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