Reviewing Uncharted 3 Could Kill You: The Movie

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We've seen the serious side to people bitching about one man's thoughts on a video game, now see the movie based on the terrifying, dramatic events of an Uncharted 3 review.


As someone who's reviewed games once or twice myself, I can say the greatness here isn't the pressure exerted on the protagonist. That's a fiction that'll give this story a little more kick.


No, it's the backlash. Which is not fiction. It is presented so honestly Mega64 could have cut it out and called it a documentary and I'd have believed them.


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The stupid thing about reviews is that they are still just opinions. They just happen to be the opinions of people who get paid to tell you their opinions. There's no concrete evidence to suggest that something is more or less valuable by the number some random person gives it. There are going to be people who love it and hate it despite.

I thought the video was pretty funny. It hits on points close to home too, because my dad used to become LIVID when he would read movie reviews by Siskel and Ebert. He would read the paper and just scream, "WHAT THE FUCK?! COMMANDO DIDN'T GET TWO THUMBS UP! THAT GREEDY FUCKING BASTARD!" Needless to imply, my father was a huge Arnold fan. ;)