With the use of some red ink and some blue ink, we reviewed some video games this week. Links to the results are below. How'd we do?

Brother In Arms 2 Micro-Review: Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?
In which Brian Ashcraft could have sworn he was playing Thumbs: The Game

Scrap Metal Micro-Review: There's a Difference Between Mindless and Pointless
In which Owen Good does not want to grind.


Greed Corp Micro-Review: Is Greed Good?
In which Ashcraft declares that this game "could very well be the most topically relevant downloadable game released so far this year."

Yakuza 3 Review: A Foreign Film Festival
In which Luke Plunkett laments PS2-level standards in his PS3 game.


Max & The Magic Marker Micro-Review: What If The DS Was My TV?
In which I realized that the DSi XL might not be big enough.


Street Fighter IV iPhone Review: A Party For One
In which Brian Crecente finished a Street Fighter gamer in under 10 minutes.