Brother In Arms 2 Micro-Review: Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?

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From the Pacific jungles to the streets of Europe, Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front battles it out on the iPhone. But that's not where the real fight is in the game.

Brother in Arms 2: Global Front is truly a global title and takes players through the different theaters of World War II, from Africa through Europe and to the Pacific. Players are not only fighting Nazis and Japanese troops, but also trying to discover why their brother's Medal of Honor was taken away and how he was killed. It's a first-person shooter but with an element of mystery to it.

The game is the second Brothers in Arms title to hit the iPhone/iPod Touch. Let's see how the game stacks up!


Epic: Global Front feels big. The vast change of settings (from lush jungles to arid deserts to city streets) really gives the title scope. And the game play jumps from first-person shooter to manning machine guns on vehicles to piloting a plane, providing a nice variety in game play. The graphics look solid for an iPhone title, too. There are several moments in the game that work beautifully, such as the bridge mission, with all of the pieces of the puzzle falling into place so perfects that the game sings. It's in these moments that Global Front overcomes any sort of platform shortcomings.

Wait, What's Going On?: The iPhone/iPod Touch screen is small. Yet, here is Global Front cramming it full of buttons. There were times in which I felt like I was playing "thumbs". I could not see what was happening on the the screen. And it made playing it in certain parts a real chore. What's more, when I swipe across the screen to look a different direction it hinders my field of vision. There were also control issues. Sometimes I found myself jumping over cover when I didn't want to, only to get riddled with Nazi bullets. Things like assisted aiming on the easier modes do help compensate, but it's not enough. Lose some of those buttons and fix the controls you keep!

Bad Voice Acting, So Very Bad: Since when did iPhone/iPod Touch games become the voice acting ghetto? These game features some horribly bland and unbelievable performances. Wooden voice acting isn't the only thing to blame, any voice actor would have problems doing lines like "Thanks for patching me up. I'll be more careful next time." It's war, nobody talks that way after they've gotten medical treatment!

Global Front works best in confined spaces that don't cause the player to run around too much. Some of the gunner gameplay exposes just how weak the controls can get. Is that a deal breaker? No, actually. The game improves as it progresses, and it does have a lot to offer players looking for a FPS experience on the iPhone/iPod Touch.


Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front was developed by Gameloft. Released on the iPhone App store on February 22nd. Retails for $7.99 USD. A copy of the game was given to us by the publisher for reviewing purposes. Played through all campaigns and tested multiplayer.

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