Review Round-Up: Dragon Age, Drawn To Life, NBA And More

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We reviewed the following games this week. None is called Demon's Souls (Please be patient?). None of them even rhymes with Demon's Souls. But one does star pro wrestlers... like Demon's Souls, right?

NBA Live Micro-Review: More than Pick-Up Hoops
In which Owen Good objects to Marv Albert.


WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 Review: A Game For Smart People
In which I invented the "What Is Your Favorite Color?" match and am amazed that WWE hasn't hired me away from Kotaku yet.

Fairytale Fights Review: The Tragic Kingdom
In which AJ Glasser deals with some big bugs.


Dragon Age: Origins Review: Tripping The Blight Fantastic
In which Michael Fahey also deals with bugs, but comes away happier.


Domo Games Micro-Review: No Thanks, Nintendo
In which, for once, I have nothing to love.


League of Legends Review: Free, Addictive, Worthy
In which Brian Crecente resists the urge to spend money.


Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter Review: Hero We Go Again
In which we learn how Michael McWhertor would arm his warrior ninja.


Rabbids Go Home Review: Strip-Platforming
In which I reveal what Santa Claus is secretly carrying.

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