Review Round Up: A Well Oiled Machine

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This week, Kotaku's reviews took the fight to the streets and to the skies. They fought battles in the Old West and feudal Japan. And they involved one unsightly beanbag, nearly capable of launching a kitty cat into the stratosphere.


3D Dot Game Heroes Review: Connecting The Dots To The Past
In which Mike Fahey enjoys the many links to legendary games of the past.

After Burner Climax Review: You Will Do A Barrel Roll
In which I write checks that my body can't cash (and a lighting fast review of the game).

Super Street Fighter IV Review: Rebirth of a Gaming Nation
In which Brian Crecente finds the sequel to Street Fighter IV more of a Hakan than a Hakan't.


Lead & Gold Review: Fool's Gold
In which Luke Plunkett lists what's wrong and what's pyrite about this wild west shooter.


Sumosac Gigantor Bean Bag Chair Review: It's Nothing Like Standing Up
In which Mike Fahey announces Kotaku's first candidate for Cat Launching Furniture of the Year.


Mikado Defenders Micro-Review: Sold For The iPhone, Made For The iPad
In which Stephen Totilo thinks "Aren't you a little short for a tower defense game?"


Chaos Rings Review: Ring Around The iPhone
In which Mike Fahey completes his second role-playing game of the week, this time an iPhone game that would've felt right on the PlayStation.



One problem I noticed with SSF4 is that it can't seem to tell the difference between a ragequit and a shitty connection. I got lagged out (and I'm sure it wasn't a quit from the other end, they were winning) and lost all my BP. That's kinda of jarring since I'm not all that good and I had to work for the few wins I got.