Review: New Super Mario Bros. Wii...Shampoo

It's not everyday that you must get totally naked to review something. Today was one of those days.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Shampoo is not *just* shampoo, it is "rinse in shampoo". It says so right on the bottle. This shampoo, no rinse in shampoo, has been officially licensed by Nintendo. But does it live up to the good Nintendo name?



First Timers A-Okay: I've never used any Super Mario Bros. shampoos before. I'm sure they have existed, but I just haven't washed my hair with them. I'm more comfortable using my regular shampoo, because I know what was going on, what to expect. Fortunately, the product's developers seem to have taken this into account. I had no problems whatsoever washing my hair with this shampoo. I was able to jump into New Super Mario Bros. Wii Rinse in Shampoo without missing a beat.

It's, Well, Shampoo: The scent is "Fresh Floral", which is a fancy way of saying it smells like shampoo. After washing my hair with this, my hair was clean. Well done! (Note: I'm led to believe that this is just regular shampoo with a Mario label. Those are the rumors, at least.)


Hand Holding: New Super Mario Bros. Wii Rinse in Shampoo is aimed at kids — it pretty much says as much on the packaging! There is nothing wrong with making shampoo for kids. Kids need shampoo. There has been a big move to simplify shampoos — you know, two-in-one. Because putting shampoo and conditioner in the same bottle simplifies the shampoo experience. That's great when you are five years old. I'm not five years old. I would like to decide the shampoo-to-rinse ratio myself.


Bandai has done a fine job with the hair washing experience, though I would have personally preferred greater customization. Why can't I use this shampoo with other rinses? Those who do not mind that will probably have no problems whatsoever.

New Super Mario Bros. Rinse In Shampoo was developed by Bandai and licensed by Nintendo. I forget how much it retails for, but I found it in the bathroom earlier today. A bottle of this shampoo with rinse was purchased by my wife. Have yet to finish the entire bottle.


Confused by this review? Me too.

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