Final Fantasy VII diorama dude Luis is back. And this time he's brought an actual arcade-themed diorama with him. Good for him. Good for us. Here's Luis:

Hi, guys it's me Luis again and since my FFVII diorama did not qualify for the contest I decided to make another one this time based on Street Fighter Alpha 2 which is an arcade game. I hope there are not entry limits. For this one I decided to recreate my favorite stage. This one was a pain, a lot of micro cutting. For a moment I thought my vacation was not going to be productive.


Oh, it was, Luis, it was. Likewise, Kotakuite Mint has been productive, sending along the diorama below.

Mint writes:

It's a scene from Marvel vs Capcom 2 with Shuma and Amingo, and the loudest backround I could find. I totally should have spent the time studying for my Anthropology final tomorrow, but yeah, I didn't. I figure I can take ANTHRO 102 anytime, but a diorama contest over at Kotaku just don't come as often as I'd like them to!

P.S: I'm happy to say that Shuma is made with 100 percent recycled index cards. Amingo not so much..!


This Rampage diorama comes from James from Hawaii.


Says James:

I never appreciated my xacto knife more than when I was cutting the outlines of George and Lizzy out of the postcards I drew them on. I based my diorama on Rampage since it was one of my favorite arcade games as a kid and my sister and I would play it endlessly. I don't recall Lizzy ever having a Godzilla-like atomic breath attack (or looking so much like the offspring of Reptar and a kangaroo) but it was something I always wanted to see.

The buildings are game pieces from the CMG "Monsterpocalypse", a tabletop game that is essentially the equivalent of Rampage.

It was a tough choice choosing which game to make a diorama of since I played so many as a kid when arcades were all over the place... Pole Position II, The Simpsons, Tumblepop, X-Men... but I ended up back on Rampage each time. Ralph is probably locked in a cage somewhere... my sister and I never picked him. Sorry buddy.


Thanks James! And finally, we've got an entry from Kotakuite Chesu: Ban-Hammer-Bird-Shirt-Crecente. Just look at that background! Amazing stuff.


What's going on? For this contest, you can use anything you like to create your diorama: paper, toys, whatever. All we ask is that you made an arcade-themed diorama and include a Kotaku and Arcade Mania sign so that we know you made it and not your dog or something.

Take a picture and send it to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom. There will be three winners, and all will win a copy (it's in English!) of Arcade Mania straight from Japan. Everyone else will get INTERNET FAME. Remember, the contest deadline is tonight at midnight PST. That's soonish so procrastinators have a wee-bit of time still left!


Arcade Mania is now available.

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