Reuters: 2011 Will Be a Good Year For Gaming

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A new generation of games on social networks, phones and tablet computers will spur sales in 2011, Reuter apotheosizes in a story today.


"Before we were figuring out how to make social games, now we are mastering the art of making social games," said Mark Skaggs, vice president of product development at Zynga, told Reuters.

That means future Facebook games will have more polish and deeper gameplay, he said. Something, I think, we're already beginning to see that with games like CityVille.


Another big trend Reuters think will help the industry is the rising popularity of platform-agnostic games, titles you can play on anything with anyone.

Changes in video games prompt optimism for 2011 [Reuters]

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A lot of younger gamers do tend to talk about gaming in general as having an entropic state, but it's been evolving more over the last 5 or so years at an incredible rate. More demographics are gaming and I can only see that as a good thing. There is plenty of room in this market.