Retro Gaming Pin-Up Model Tells Off Game Pirates ("Yaargh!")

Illustration for article titled Retro Gaming Pin-Up Model Tells Off Game Pirates (Yaargh!)

Hey! Everyone's favorite retro gaming idol Haruna Anno has some harsh words for you illegal downloader pirate people. Very harsh. How harsh? This harsh: "[Not paying for games] is the same as not paying your dinner tab or shoplifting," she blogs during a break from writing "Chrono Trigger" in Japanese calligraphy. "It's stealing. Don't think you've really played the game if you've done this... I do not think people who don't buy the games have the privilege to enjoy them." Well, that wasn't that harsh. Still. Remember, this is coming from a person who once played Chrono Trigger for 36 hours straight. She's the anti-Rola Chen and so not joking around. Haruna Anno is serious business. DS版『クロノトリガー』が発売前に流出に [杏野はるなの日常。via Sponichi Annex] [Pic]

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IS she holding a self made Wall-E?