Retailers Listing Spore "Expansion"

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Listings have turned up on both GameStop and Amazon's store pages for a Spore expansion. Sorry, "expansion". Called Spore Cute & Creepy Parts Pack, it's got a shipping date of November 18, and is currently listed at $20. Going by the name - and really, that's all we've got to go off at the moment - we're subtly led to believe it's a new box of spare parts than anything that'll add any new meat to the mechanics of the game. And for $20, there'd want to be a hell of a lot of spare parts in there. Spore Cute & Creepy Parts Pack [GameStop, via Hooked On Spore]


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Sounds like they stole a bunch of parts from the retail release and decided to sell them later for more?

How do I know this?

Because the Creature Creator was the exact same scam.