Retailer Strikes Up Dragon Quest Shortage Fears (Again!)

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Excited about Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride? Well, mister, take that excitement elsewhere. According to Japanese retailer Tsutaya, the DS remake will be in short supply when it goes on sale on July 17th. A Tsutaya notice reads:

An Important Notice From TSUTAYA

Regarding reserves for DS title Dragon Quest (7/17 on sale), security the product is difficult as the shipment from the maker is limited. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the game for customers who pre-order from now. Please understand this in advance.

Huh. That sounds a lot like what happened last year at TSUTAYA when Dragon Quest IV went on sale. What a kwinky-dink. Can't wait until the next DQ remake goes on sale at TSUTAYA. Wonder what will happen? Oh, the suspense, it's killing me!

『ドラゴンクエストⅤ』発売を前にメーカーからまた出荷制限!? [my game news flash]

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I can understand what they are doing and it's not very nice but it's business. You make something that is very popular and you know that it is going to sell no matter what, so, you create a little artificial supply shortage and make your product even more "exclusive." Later they will ship enough units for everyone but the initial excitement "Oh, it's hard to get, I'll try my luck! etc." has already done it's job.

Disclaimer: "Not an idea based on solid facts. Pure speculation."