Someone picked apart the resource file for the Microsoft Game Room - the PC version of the Xbox Game Room that launched this week - and found a curious Star Wars image that doesn't seem to fit anything.

Blogger TechKnight looked in the Game Room's director and noticed a sizable file. Figuring it held clues, he went looking for .png headers, then wrote a script to pull them out. What he found can be seen here in its entirety.


Activision's presence in this has been known; apparently some of its games were supposed to go into Gamepack 2 (they didn't). It looks like Microsoft has already planned out four more, though.

What is interesting is the use of the Clone Trooper picture. TechKnight speculates it might be to announce Atari's vector-graphics Star Wars game whenever that arrives, which would be massive. It also very well could be a stray image that means nothing.

There are also some 20 extra or unused achievement/badge icons, including a curious one on the top row, fourth from right, depicting Pac-Man, Air Man and Quick Man. Either way, I've found the launch catalog to be a smidge, well, skimpy, so it's good to have an idea of what else is on the way.

Hidden Resources in Microsoft Game Room [Games, Life and Stuff]

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