Resonance of Fate Won't Have Tiny Text

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Tiny text — readable on HDTVs, but it's plagued gamers who own Standard Definition televisions for years. SEGA and tri-Ace are sensitive to those who haven't yet joined the hi-def revolution.


In upcoming tri-Ace developed, SEGA published role-playing-game Resonance of Fate, the game's models are designed to take advantage of HDTVs, but the text is SDTV friendly. Yay!

Other good news: You can quick save any time in the game, there's a handy battle retry option and Resonance of Fate is disc-swap free.


Resonance of Fate reveals new features [Sega Nerds]

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xeleion is No Zaku, Boy!

Thank goodness. We have three TVs in our living room (my house is the place to be for Saturday night fighting games) and only one is HD. The other two are old CRTs and it's freakin impossible to read anything on SF, Blaz, Tekken, Fallout, etc.

I know HDTVs are sexy and they're the next big thing, but shame on game companies for failing to realize that a good portion of their market is still playing on standard definition televisions. #triace