Resolve To Quit Candy Crush Saga? Just In Time For Farm Heroes Saga.

Illustration for article titled Resolve To Quit emCandy Crush Saga/em? Just In Time For emFarm Heroes Saga/em.

Mobile puzzler sensation Candy Crush Saga is a hard habit to break. The only painless way to give up on the punishing potty pastime preferred by millions is to replace it with something equally as compelling. King has just the thing. Look at those little eyes. Look at them.

Candy Crush Saga is probably my most-played game of 2013. I'll play relentlessly until I hit a difficult level, put it down for a week and then hop right back into again the next time I find myself with a few bathroom minutes to spare. With it's adorable "Cropsies" characters and the perfect blend of spectacle and sound, Farm Heroes Saga might unseat its big brother in 2014.

Available today for free on iOS and Android, Farm Heroes Saga is Candy Crush Saga meets farming mini-game. Players match crops until they collect the required number. The screen is filled with colorful things. Colorful things that need you to guide them until your butt goes numb and your leg falls asleep. That might have happened to me earlier today.


If you don't have a mobile or tablet, it's also available on Facebook. I would not play it if I were you. It never stops.

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Literally the only thing I know about Candy Crush Saga is that my annoying cousin sent me requests to play it on Facebook every single day.

When it comes to puzzle games, I think I'll stick to Tetris and Puyo Pop, thanks.