Resistance 3’s Brutality DLC Brings Co-Op Survival and Heavy Metal Soundtrack by Mastodon to PS3 Today

Starting today, you'll be able to rampage your way through one of the PS3's best first-person shooters with a friend as Resistance 3 adds the all-new Brutality DLC pack. The add-on introduces a co-operative mode where two players face down wave after wave of Chimera aliens.


For $3.99, you'll also get a special Mick Cutler skin, the sledgehammer weapon unlocked for all of the game's modes, and a special Warden Static PS3 Theme, too. The action happens on a grimmer version of the game's Wales multiplayer map with seven tracks culled from various recordings by acclaimed metal outfit Mastodon. There's nothing wrong with sledgehammering creepy aliens in the face while listening to heavy metal. Nothing at all.

Resistance 3 Gets Co-op Brutality Pack, Mastodon Today [PlayStation Blog]

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